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<html lang="en">
<meta charset="UTF-8">
<title>PHP Tools</title>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css">
require_once 'dBug.php';
require_once 'classes.php';
require_once 'functions.php';
<h1>PHP Tools</h1>
$action = null;
$action_str = isset($_POST['action']) ? $_POST['action'] : null;
$class = "Action" . $action_str;
$action = new $class( $_POST['data'] );
<div class="cols">
<div class="col">
<form method="post">
<textarea class="data" name="data"><?php if( $action ) echo $action->esc_raw(); ?></textarea><br>
<select name="action">
<option value="DoubleEntityDecode" <?php echo selected($action_str, 'DoubleEntityDecode'); ?>>html_entity_decode(html_entity_decode())</option>
<option value="QuotedPrintableDecode" <?php echo selected($action_str, 'QuotedPrintableDecode'); ?>>quoted_printable_decode()</option>
<option value="Urlencode" <?php echo selected($action_str, 'Urlencode'); ?>>urlencode()</option>
<option value="Urldecode"<?php echo selected($action_str, 'Urldecode'); ?>>urldecode()</option>
<option value="Unserialize"<?php echo selected($action_str, 'Unserialize'); ?>>unserialize()</option>
<option value="Base64Decode"<?php echo selected($action_str, 'Base64Decode'); ?>>base64_decode()</option>
<option value="Base64Encode"<?php echo selected($action_str, 'Base64Encode'); ?>>base64_encode()</option>
<input type="submit">
<?php if( $action ) echo $action; ?>
<li>MD5: <input class="randomness-box" value="<?php echo md5(uniqid(mt_rand(), true)); ?>"></li>
<li>SHA1: <input class="randomness-box" value="<?php echo sha1(uniqid(mt_rand(), true)); ?>"></li>