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New post: TaskPaper 3: Child-aware Archiving

Annika Backstrom 1 year ago
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Title: TaskPaper 3: Child-aware Archiving
Slug: taskpaper-3-child-aware-archiving
Summary: Here's a TaskPaper "Archive" replacement that keeps child tasks with
their parents.
Date: 2018-06-10 12:11
Category: Technology
Tags: taskpaper, javascript

[TaskPaper 3][1] is a critical part of my workflow.[ref]For more about
why I like and how I use TaskPaper, see [IFTTT and Taskpaper TODO
Workflow][2].[/ref] I use it to track what's happening now and what's up
next, but also what I've done recently. Having a log of recent tasks is
great during times of retrospection or when timeline questions come up.

In TaskPaper, completed tasks are tagged with `@done`. The built-in
"Archive" action moves all done tasks to an "Archive" Project.
Unfortunately, Archive will also disconnect child tasks from their

<video autoplay loop controls preload="none"

*Fotunately*, TaskPaper is scriptable with JavaScript, and we can create
a custom action with archiving more to my liking.

## Goals

Ideally, we would not move child tasks to the Archive until their parent
task is complete. The default behavior disconnects children from their
parents, losing important context. Here's a document before archiving:

- Build login page @due(2018-12-01)
- Add auth0 library to composer.json @done(2018-08-17)
- Write tests
- Create tables
- Book hotel for trip to sf @done(2018-06-10)
- Get corporate card @done(2018-06-10)

And, after archiving:

- Build login page @due(2018-12-01)
- Write tests
- Create tables
- Add auth0 library to composer.json @done(2018-08-17)
- Book hotel for trip to sf @done(2018-06-10)
- Get corporate card @done(2018-06-10)

Our history no longer tells us why the auth0 task existed. My preference
is to keep the hierarchy, and only archive the "top-level" tasks that
sit directly below a Project.

## The "Smart Archive" extension

Here's an extension that accomplishes our goal.

1. Ensure an "Archive" project exists
2. Find all `@done` tasks that are immediate children of projects (excluding the
Archive project)
3. Move these items to the Archive, preserving their current order in the

var TaskPaper = Application('TaskPaper');

function fn(editor, options) {
var outline = editor.outline;
var archive = outline.evaluateItemPath("//Archive:")[0];

var insertBeforeElement = archive ? archive.firstChild : undefined;

outline.groupUndoAndChanges(() => {
if (typeof archive === "undefined") {
archive = outline.createItem("Archive:");

var topLevelItems = outline.evaluateItemPath("project/@done except Archive//*") => {
if (insertBeforeElement) {
archive.insertChildrenBefore(item, insertBeforeElement)
} else {

script: fn.toString()

If we install this script to the TaskPaper Scripts folder, we can quickly run it
using `cmd-shift-P` and typing the script name. I find it's also helpful to
[rebind the default Archive shortcut][6] in the Keyboard preference pane to
combat muscle memory.

For more information about TaskPaper scripting, see the [Scripting API][3], [Extensions Wiki][4], and [script installation guide][5].

[2]: ifttt-and-taskpaper-todo-workflow