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whitespace deploy test hace 3 meses
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games: add Forager to Completed list hace 3 meses
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Update games list hace 4 meses
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Publishing old draft post hace 5 meses
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tags: ignore binary files hace 5 meses
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docker: update from ruby sass to sassc hace 5 meses
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games: updating a couple lists hace 5 meses
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config: unset twitter name hace 5 meses
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move css version into filename behind a rewrite rule hace 5 meses
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readme: add note about skipping deploys hace 5 meses
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make: remove container after run hace 5 meses
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footer: change copyright line, link to About hace 5 meses
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about: update link to blog repo hace 5 meses
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Updating theme history page hace 5 meses
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Fix links to version history hace 5 meses
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Rename "histrionic" restyle to "bleached" hace 5 meses
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footer: add social links, restyle hace 5 meses
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conf: remove author feeds, add rss feed hace 5 meses
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README: add container and CSS spacer notes hace 5 meses
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Add social link to Gitea hace 5 meses
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css: Remove redundant spacers in _util hace 5 meses
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Remove Pinterest verification file hace 5 meses
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Beginning site restyle and homepage redesign hace 5 meses
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