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The source code for sixohthree.com.


Local development and deployment are assisted by Docker, Docker Compose, and Drone CI. The .drone.yml file is specific to my environment and private image repository, so if you’re adapting my customizations to your environment, make sure you change the `image: settings.

To develop locally:

$ docker-compose up

This will start a persistent container for nginx (to serve content at localhost:8045 and sass (to compile changed SCSS files). It will also run pelican on your content dir.

If you make content or theme changes and want to regenerate the site, re-run the pelican container:

$ docker-compose run pelican

This command is aliased to make all and make thanks to the Makefile. A Vim alias like nnoremap <leader>m :silent make<CR> lets you quickly rebuild the site from within your editor.

Editing the Docker containers

The pelican and sass containers are custom, generated from Dockerfile and Dockerfile.sass, respectively. You can regenerate these containers using bin/docker-build-image.

Skipping CI (deploy) during push

Include [skip ci] in your commit message to exclude this commit from the Drone CI deploy pipeline.

Site Styles

Margin and padding classes

Margin and padding can be controlled using spacer classes. These use a multiplier in the class name, with a base of 6px. For example, .p-2 would apply 6px * 2 padding on all sides.

Class Attributes
p-[0/1/2/3] padding
p-t-[0/1/2/3] padding-top
p-r-[0/1/2/3] padding-right
p-b-[0/1/2/3] padding-bottom
p-l-[0/1/2/3] padding-left
p-x-[0/1/2/3] padding-top and padding-bottom
p-y-[0/1/2/3] padding-left and padding-right
m-[0/1/2/3] margin
m-t-[0/1/2/3] margin-top
m-r-[0/1/2/3] margin-right
m-b-[0/1/2/3] margin-bottom
m-l-[0/1/2/3] margin-left
m-x-[0/1/2/3] margin-top and margin-bottom
m-y-[0/1/2/3] margin-left and margin-right

Responsive CSS

@include-media is used for responsive CSS. To use this library, include one of the following directives in your SCSS file:

  • @include media('>tablet') -- 768px and above
  • @include media('>desktop') -- 1024px and above

By convention, styles should be mobile-first, with overrides at and above certain breakpoints.

Article Templates

A template article exists in templates/article.md. If you use Vim, you can add an autocmd to inject this template into any new file in content. Example snippet for .vimrc:

if has("autocmd")
    augroup templates
        autocmd BufNewFile */blogdir/content/*.md 0r %:s?content/.*?templates/article.md?
    augroup END

Social embed images

tl;dr Add two headers for embeds:

Meta-Image-Square: /media/2017/09/burrito/sniff.512x512.jpg
Meta-Image-FB: /media/2017/09/burrito/sniff.1200x630.jpg



Meta-Image-Square: /media/2017/09/burrito/sniff.512x512.jpg


URL of image to use in the card. Images must be less than 5MB in size. JPG, PNG, WEBP and GIF formats are supported. Only the first frame of an animated GIF will be used. SVG is not supported.


Facebook (Open Graph)


Meta-Image-FB: /media/2017/09/burrito/sniff.1200x630.jpg


Use images that are at least 1200 x 630 pixels for the best display on high resolution devices. At the minimum, you should use images that are 600 x 315 pixels to display link page posts with larger images. Images can be up to 8MB in size.