A Docker image for rsync+ssh deploys using Drone.
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A Dockerfile for rsync+ssh deploys using Drone.

  • In Drone, add repository secrets for ssh_private_key and ssh_host_key
  • In your .drone.yml, run drone-ssh-keys to inject SSH secrets into ~/.ssh

Sample .drone.yml

Here's a sample .drone.yml that injects the SSH keys, rsyncs files to a host, then triggers a command on the host.

    image: images.abackstrom.com/rsync-ssh
    secrets: [ ssh_private_key, ssh_host_key ]
      - drone-ssh-keys
      - rsync -Chrz -e ssh ./public user@host:/var/www/html
      - ssh user@host 'sudo systemctl reload nginx'

Building the image

make image IMAGE_NAME=your_name_here